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FIRST ESCAPES - From the first kilometer, an escape attempt with Kamzong (Cameroon) and Bamogo (Burkina) quickly picked up by the peloton. The second try is good with 3 men taking off: Tesfom (Eritrea), Munyaneza (Rwanda) and Tasmana (Morocco). At km 10: 1'40 '' on the peloton. INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 1 - 1. Tesfom. 2. Munyaneza. 3. Tasmana

THE PELOTON IS ORGANIZING - As the lead of the 3 leaders reaches 2'30 '' at km 15, the peloton is led by Pro Touch and Arkéa-Samsic teams.

THE DEAD FALL - At km 22, the gap goes to 2 'between the 3 escaped and the peloton who started the pursuit. ECHAPPES RESIST WELL - The peloton still led by the Pro Touch and Arkéa-Samsic teams loses ground again on the 3 escaped. At km 31: + 2'35 ''

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 2: 1. Munyaneza. 2.Tesfom. 3. Tasmana

THE STABILIZED ADVANTAGE - The 3 escaped continue their adventure. When passing through Franceville at km 38, their lead is 2'40 '' on the peloton.

AVERAGE HOUR - Average speed of 45.4km / h during the first hour of the race

CLASSIFICATION CLIMBERS 1 - 1. Tesfom. 2. Munyaneza. 3. Tasmana

STATUS QUO A MID-RACE - The advance of the 3 leading men continues to turn around 2 'at km 50 but their agreement remains perfect. The Arkéa-Samsic and Pro Touch teams do the work to ensure the pursuit.

CLASSIFICATION CLIMBERS 2 - 1. Tesfom. 2. Munyaneza. 3. Tasmana

THE DIFFERENCE REMAINS YET - The 3 leaders are gaining ground on the peloton. At km 67: + 2'50 ''

THE ACCELERATED PELOTON - The Arkéa-Samsic team is doing the job at the front of the pack. The advance is only 1'15 '' 30 km from the finish.

SPRINT INTERMEDIATE 3 - 1. Tesfom. 2. Munyaneza. 3. Tasmana

THE PLATOON IS STILL CLOSE - At the instigation of the Arkéa-Samsic team, the peloton returns to 45 '' 25 km from the finish.

THE ESCAPES ARE NOT INSPECTIVE - At less than 20 km from the finish the 3 escaped get up and wait to be picked up by the peloton already preparing the sprint. General grouping 18 km from the finish. 

CLASSIFICATION CLIMBERS 3 - 1. Tesfom. 2. Debretsion. 3. Buru

BONIFAZIO WINS AT SPRINT - Despite some attempts in the last kilometers, the peloton is grouped on the finish line. It is the 27-year-old Italian Niccolo Bonifazio (Direct Energie) who wins the first stage, he will wear the yellow leader's jersey tomorrow for the 2nd stage.