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THE PELOTON GROUP - Despite several attempts to escape notably by riders Tesfom (Eritrea), Tamasna (Morocco), Mugisha (Rwanda), Redae (Ethiopia), Sabbahi (Morocco), Reguigui (Algeria), the peloton remains grouped at the approach of the first GP of the best climber.

BEST CLIMBER 1 - 1.Reguigui. 2. Greipel. 3. Areruya

NO ESCAPE TAKES THE WIDTH - In the descent after the GP of the best climber, the peloton splits into several groups under the impetus of Gaudin (Direct Energie) but no attempt takes shape. At km 15: platoon still grouped.

THE UNSTABLE PELOTON - The different attacks causes breaks in the pack which is scattered in several groups. The first group consists of twenty riders without the yellow jersey. At km 27: + 30 '' on the second main group.

SPRINT INTERMEDIATE 1 - 1.Tesfom. 2. The red. 3. From Plooy

A GROUP OF 13 TAKES SHAPE - After new attempts, a group finally arrives to form at km 45. They are 13 ahead: Tesfom, Julius, Haylemaryam, Mugisha, Le Roux, Mottier, Frapporti, Gene, Gaudin, Teklehaimanot, Reguigui , Feillu, Du Plooy. Their lead is 40 '' on the peloton.

AVERAGE HOURS - Runners traveled 40 km in the first hour.

DIFFERENCE EXTENDED - The 13 leading riders are 2'20 '' at km 55

THE PELOTON EMERGED BY ARKEA-SAMSIC - André Greipel's team-mates are at the front of the pack but the breakaway advance continues to increase. + 3'05 '' at km 61

BEST CLIMER 1 - 1.Du Plooy. 2. Reguigui. 3. Tesfom

THE ADVANCE IS STILL INCREASING - At km 70, the gap is 3'35 '' on the yellow jersey Niccolo Bonifazio.

FEILLU COMES IN THE EXCLUSIVE - At km 84, halfway through, Brice Feillu gets off the break to wait for the peloton and help his leader André Greipel 3'30 '' behind.

SPRINT INTERMEDIATE 2 - 1.Teklehaimanot. 2. Julius. 3. From Plooy

THE DIFFERENCE BEGINS TO LOWER - After km 100, the advance of the 12 escaped drops slightly to 2'15 '' on the peloton led by the riders of the Arkéa-Samsic team. At 1'50 '' at km 110 while the deal is no longer perfect in the breakaway.

2 RUNNERS ON THE HEAD - 50 km from the finish, 2 runners of the breakaway go out alone: Frapporti and Julius. They are 35 '' ahead of the rest of the break and 2'05 '' on the peloton. 40 km from the finish the survivors of the breakaway are taken over by the peloton. The 2 riders have 2 'in advance.

SPRINT INTERMEDIATE 2 - 1.Frapporti. 2. Julius. 3. Small

THE PELOTON IS ORGANIZED - The 3 French Sprinters teams, Direct Energie, Vital Concept-B & B Hotels and Arkéa-Samsic are working together to fill the gap 30 km from the finish, which is now 55 ''. At 20 km, the advance is only 25 ''.

BEST CLIMBER 1 - 1.Julius. 2. Frapporti. 3. Mugisha

ALONE IN THE HEAD - South African Julius stops in the breakaway, the Italian Marco Frapporti alone in the lead 10 km from the finish.

PELOTON GROUP 8 KILOMETERS OF THE ARRIVAL - Frapporti is taken by the peloton 8 kilometers from the goal. The final sprint is getting ready.

BONIFAZIO MAKES THE DOUBLE - As yesterday in Moanda, the Italian of Direct Energie is the fastest in the sprint. He wins again in front of André Greipel and consolidates his yellow leader's jersey.