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MOVIE FROM STAGE 3: Léconi-Franceville (98 km)

FIRST EXCLUSIVE - 5 riders take a slight lead from the first kilometers: Debretsion (Eritrea), Tamasna (Morocco), Koné (Burkina), Mugisha (Rwanda) and Julius (Pro Touch). But they are quickly taken over by the pack.

2 RUNNERS IN HEAD - Joseph Areruya (Rwanda) winner of the 2018 edition and Henok Mulueberhan (Eritrea) attack at km 9. They take off quickly. At km 14, their lead reaches 1'55 '' on the peloton.

ADVANCE INCREASES - The gap goes to 2'20 '' at km 20 for the two leading men who work together perfectly.

DIRECT ENERGIE TAKES THE PELOTON - The yellow jersey team Niccolo Bonifazio, winner of the first two stages, is at the front of the pack to impose his pace.

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 1 - 1. Mulueberhan. 2. Areruya. 3. Reguigui

BEST CLIMBER 1 - 1. Mulueberhan. 2. Areruya. 3. Bamogo

THE PELOTON REPRESENTS THE 2 LEADERS - The escaped lose their advantage on the peloton which returns to 1'20 '' at km 32. Grouping at km 35.

5 RUNNERS IN THE HEAD - A new breakaway takes shape at km 38 launched by Kamzong (Cameroon) with Eyob (Eritrea), Buru (Ethiopia), Julius (Pro Touch), Ben Youcef (Algeria).

BEST CLIMBER 2 - 1. Kamzong. 2. Eyob. 3. Julius

THE 5 CREATE THE DIFFERENCE - The leading men collaborate, their lead reaches 1'25 '' at km 47. The peloton is always led by the Direct Energie team.

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 2 - 1. Eyob. 2. Julius. 3. Buru

THE PELOTON UNDER THE PULSE OF DIRECT ENERGY - The men of the yellow jersey are doing the work at the front of the peloton and remotely control the 5 escaped at km 65. The gap is 1'15 ''. The Vital Concept-B & B Hotels team is now collaborating.

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 3 - 1. Ben Youcef. 2. Eyob. 3. Julius

KAMZONG ALONE ON THE HEAD - Cameroon's Clovis Kamzong remains alone in the lead 12 kilometers from the finish, the other four fumbles have recovered. He is 20 '' ahead of the pack.

GENERAL COMBINATION - At 5 kilometers from the finish, the peloton takes over the leading man.

THE YOUNG ERYTHREEN GIRMAY HAILU AT THE FINISH - In the last climb towards the finish, the peloton is led by the men of the yellow jersey but also those of André Greipel. But it is finally the young Eritrean Biniam Girmay 18 years who damns the pawn and imposes itself very little against the Algerian Youcef Reguigui.