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MOVIE FROM STEP 4: Mitzic-Oyem (122 km)

FIRST OFFENSIVE - The peloton starts the day at a brisk pace. The following riders are at the forefront: Mugisha (Rwanda), Tesfom (Eritrea), Nkurunziza (Rwanda), Julius (Pro Touch) and Mansouri (Algeria). They are quickly taken back while the peloton is split in two. Everything comes back in order at km 5.

LAGAB ALONE FRONT - The Algerian Azzedine Lagab enjoys a moment of lull to leave alone at km 7. He is 25 '' ahead of the peloton.

GREIPEL CONTROLE - Arkéa-Samsic's sprinter André Greipel is doing the job at the front of the pack to get back on the fumble. Its acceleration causes a break in the pack before a new regrouping.

BEST CLUSTER 1 - 1. Munyaneza. 2. Redae. 3. Mansouri

4 RUNNERS IN THE HEAD - After the GP of the best climber at km 22, 3 riders take the lead, Munyaneza (Rwanda), Redae (Ethiopia) and Mansouri (Algeria). They are followed by Mulueberhan (Eritrea).

THE PELOTON RETURNS - At km 25, a general regrouping led by the Direct Energie team.

18 RACING RIDERS - The peloton lets go of a group of 18 units that collaborate well. The lead quickly passes the 30 '' mark on the peloton. Here is the composition of the group: Teklehaimanot (Eritrea), Jim (Pro Touch), Le Court (Mauritius), Pichot (Direct Energy), Riou (Arkéa-Samsic), Cam (Vital Concept - B & B Hotels), Reguigui (Algeria), Gaudin (Direct Energy), Pichon (Arkéa-Samsic), Mulueberhan (Eritrea), Areruya (Rwanda), Mottier (Vital Concept - B & B Hotels), Buru (Ethiopia), Munyaneza (Rwanda), Cissé (Ivory Coast), Nkurunziza (Rwanda), Busato (Androni-Giocattoli), Frapporti (Androni-Giocattoli).

SPRINT INTERMEDIATE 1 - 1. Teklehaimanot. 2. Cisse. 3. Riou

DIFFERENCE EXTENDED - The group of 18 has 2'20 '' at km 35

FRAPPORTI PART ALONE - Italy's Marco Frapporti leaves the breakaway group. At km 55, he is 38 '' ahead of the other 17 riders in the leading group who are now totally disorganized. Maxime Cam comes back to him.

THE PLATOON TAKES THE RESCAPES OF THE INITIAL ESCAPE - At km 66, the peloton is now grouped behind the escaped. Two interspersed runners: Mugisha and Debretsion.

BEST CLIMBER 2 - 1. Frapporti. 2. Cam. 3. Mugisha

4 RUNNERS IN THE HEAD - Regrouping at the front of the race: Debretsion joined Frapporti, Cam and Mugisha at km 72. They are 35 '' ahead of the pack.

DIFFERENCE INCREASES SLIGHTLY - 30 km from the finish, the difference is 1 '

THE PELOTON COMES BACK - The gap is only 35 '' to 20 km from the finish

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 2 - 1. Debretsion. 2. Cam. 3. Mugisha

PELOTON GROUP - 15 km from the finish, general regrouping.

LAST ATTEMPT - Fozing and Nkurunziza launch their last rounds and escape in the final. A gap of 17 '' separates them from the peloton at 10km.

MANZIN IS NECESSARY - Frenchman Lorrenzo Manzin from Vital Concept-B & B Hotels finally wins a sprint in the streets of Oyem.