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MOVIE FROM STEP 5: Bitam-Mongomo (Equatorial Guinea) (126 km)

6 ESCAPE FROM THE FIRST KILOMETERS - The peloton is less vigilant today and lets a group slip away from the first kilometers. They are 6 to take off: Rougier-Lagane (Mauritius), Mugisha (Rwanda), Tamasna (Morocco), Mansouri (Algeria), Busato (Androni-Giocattoli), Eyob (Eritrea).

DIFFERENCE INCREASES QUICKLY - The advance of the 6 leading men goes to 1'45 '' at km 15.

DIRECT ENERGY AT THE HEAD OF PLATOON - The yellow jersey team Niccolo Bonifazio gets to work to lead the pack and remotely control the breakaway.

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 1 - 1. Mugisha. 2. Eyob. 3. Busato

HISTORIC MOMENT - For the first time in Africa, a cycling race passes through three countries. At km 20, the peloton crosses the Cameroonian border and then 3 kilometers further enters Equatorial Guinea.

THE ADVANCE OF THE 6 ECHAPPES FALLS SLIGHTLY - At km 37, the gap with the peloton is 1'20 ''.

CLASSIFICATION CLIMBER 1 - 1. Mugisha. 2. Mansouri. 3. Eyob

INTERMEDIATE SPRINT 2 - 1. Eyob. 2. Mugisha. 3. Tamasna

AVERAGE HOUR - 42.5 km were covered in the first hour of the race.

THE PLATOON CONTROLS - The advance of the 6 escaped is controlled remotely by the peloton and does not evolve much: + 1'30 ''

CLASSIFICATION CLIMBER 1 - 1. Mugisha. 2. Eyob. 3. Mansouri

BUSATO PART ALONE - At kilometer 61, start of disagreement within the group of breakaway, the Italian takes a few steps ahead of the 5 others. He has 10 '' ahead of them and 1'55 '' on the peloton.

THE 6 ENCLOSED EXCAPES - At km 65 Busato is taken over by the breakaway. The lead on the peloton increases and passes the two-minute mark at 2'20 ''.

THE DEAD FALL - At 50 km from the finish, the breakaway advance drops to 1'10 ''.

CLASSIFICATION CLIMBER 1 - 1. Busato. 2. Tamasna. 3. Mansouri

THE PELOTON LASER OF THE LEST - The 6 escaped are a little ahead of the peloton at 40 km: + 1'45 ''.

DIRECT ENERGY ACCELERATE - At 30 km from the finish the peloton is organized under the impetus of Direct Energie yellow jersey Niccolo Bonifazio, the gap with the 6 escaped passes under the minute: +55 ''.

COMBINING IN MONGOLO STREETS - As expected the peloton swallows the escaped 15 kilometers from the finish. The sprinters teams are organizing themselves.

BONIFAZIO RECIDIVE - As in the first two stages, Niccolo Bonifazio is the fastest in the sprint. Thanks to the bonuses, he consolidated his first place in the general classification two days before the arrival in Libreville.